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KLARO Septic Wastewater Systems

Wastewater Treatment System without needing power

German Engineered & Manufactured

Assembled in Australia and supported by local agents

KLARO Septic Systems are the strongest and most versatile poly septic tank on the Australian Market

Why do we believe this?

A competitors system has been shown to hold the weight of a 6 tonnes concrete tank. We are proud to say our Graf poly Tank withstood 16 tonnes in official testing That is 2 and a half times more!








Our tanks are

  • Built to ISO9001 Quality Standards as well as Australian Standard AS1546.1
  • The system treats anaerobically without the need for pumps and power, ideal for those homes on solar power.
  • The tank has multiple dome height and Lid options to easily be adapted to inlet depths of 400mm to 1.2m with minimal extra cost.
  • The system weighs as little as 250kg, which makes transport and manoeuvring on site much easier.
  • There are a range of sizes from 3750L up to 6500L
  • The Graf Septic Tank is supported by a 15 year Manufacturers Warranty.

Please contact us to request a checklist or call us to personally discuss your requirements.