About Us

Aquarius Wastewater Systems is a recognised manufacturer of a comprehensive range of wastewater diversion systems, wastewater treatment systems and ancillary products for domestic and commercial applications. All our products meet the highest standards for the safe and effective treatment of water. If you can’t find what you need, we have the flexibility to design products for your specific needs in both domestic and commercial applications. As the world turns its attention to green technology and environmental issues, the re-use of water becomes a major focus. We manufacture a host of below and above ground aerobic sewerage treatment systems, septic tanks, greywater recycling systems, and ancillary products. Each of these products are designed for whole-house or single fixture applications in various environments and industries. Our affordable, quality products assist in the safe recycling of wastewater while benefitting Australia’s unique environment and diminishing water resources.

Aquarius Wastewater Systems treatment technology is at the forefront of the water-recycling industry. Our systems are manufactured in plastic, concrete or a combination of both. We invest heavily in research and development and work closely with specialists in the areas of aquatic microbiology and system design to constantly improve our product quality.

Our products are manufactured at our fully equipped facility where our team are continually hard at work improving our products, ensuring that they adequately reflect evolving market conditions and environmental considerations.

All Aquarius ATU systems are installed and serviced by our state wide network of Approved Installers, who are all locally based and licensed plumbing companies. Our Approved Installers are fully trained by us and are registered with the Department of Health WA. Our Approved Installers ensure all Aquarius product installations comply with state and local authority requirements and meet environmental considerations.

Caring for Our Environment

We live in a world where mankind is placing increasing pressures on our finite resources. The average Family dumps over 300,000 litres of recyclable water each year. The Aquarius ATU recycles this water for sub-surface irrigation in your garden.