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The Aquarius Alternative Treatment Units are designed for many projects, including Mining Camps, Caravan Parks, Schools, Universities, Recreational Facilities, Wineries, Hotels, Motels, Unit Developments, and many other commercial ventures.

The complete range of Aquarius ATUs treat all the wastewater from the commercial site. The wastewater (from wc, kitchen, bathroom and laundry) is treated to current Department of Health WA (DoH WA) standards that allows it to be used for irrigation in garden beds, orchards, etc, or disposed into leach drains, soakwells and aquasafe drains. In addition the O-2NR and O-3 models further treat the water to reduce phosphorous and nitrogen levels and these two ATU models are classified as nutrient retentive which is essential in water catchment areas, environmental sensitive areas and to comply with some Local Shire and Department of Health WA requirements.

The Aquarius O-3 ATU we believe to be the most environmentally friendly ATU on the market by using Ozone as the final disinfection process. Ozone is many times more effective than chlorine and the by-product of Ozone is Oxygen.


As each commercial application is different we configure and design a system to suit your project.

Please contact us to request a checklist or call us to personally discuss your requirements.